Re: Faster driving saves lives

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Fri, 15 Jan 1999 09:48:04 -0000

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>As driving is a stressful activity, time saved from it will likely
>reduce mortality from other reasons.
>Add to this the unaccounted factors mentioned in the beginning of this
>message, and also considerations that reliance upon police instead of
>common sense is not good for personal development, that it takes more
>human life time to pay police expenses for enforcing speed limits,
>that people who save time are usually more careful and more productive
>than people who speed unreasonably (and don't have to suffer for their
>stupidity) - and you will see that *higher speed limits save lives*.

One problem with your argument. when you are speeding, you don't necessaitly hit another speeding person.

If I'm doing 50 and you're doing 90 and you hit me, it wasn't my fault and I'm dead too.