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Thu, 14 Jan 1999 12:28:37 -0800 (PST)

I'll be glad to attempt to find the quote... Remind me tommorow if you don't see it. Grab your copy of "Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal" I think it's either in the first essay or in one of the appendices.

I think she also mentions that the idea of society is nonsense in Atlas Shrugged.

I will endeavor to find the exact quote and post it. wrote:
> Terry Donaghe writes:
> >Well, Ayn Rand outright says that there's no such thing as society.
> >She says the entire concept is nonsense.
> Hate to contradict someone who's on my side, but this is simply
untrue, or
> I'll eat my hat. Can you quote an reference for this? I've read
> Rand wrote (I think), I subscribed to the Objectivist (in its several
> incarnations) and the Ayn Rand Letter and still have every issue of
> publications. Nowhere do I recall her stating that the concept of
> is nonsense.
> Unfortanately, she did write that anarchy is nonsense. Well, nobody
gets it
> right every time...
> Dick

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