RE: COMP: China's 20Gflop Machine

Billy Brown (
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 13:54:15 -0600

Doug Bailey wrote:
> >From IDG:
> (Source: Computerworld Hong Kong) Chinas National Research
> Center for Intelligent Computing Systems has developed a
> supercomputer capable of processing 20 billion floating point
> operations per second (20 Gflops), according to a Mainland press
> report..

I'm not sure I see the significance. The leading supercomputer manufacturers passed 1 TeraFLOPS a few months back, if I remember correctly. I suppose its an indication that China is learning how to build its own computers, but that's not a big surprise - and note that they use Motorola CPUs.

> Does the LINPACK benchmark even capture the capability of a quantum

So far as I am aware, no one has actually built a general-purpose quantum computer. The work I've seen uses purpose-built hardware to solve a given problem - you have to rebuild the computer to change the program. So, you can't really run a meaningful benchmark on one yet.