Re: extropians-digest V4 #13

Cynthia Allingham (
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 10:59:53 -0800

     Now, as for humans, considering that we have evidence of  tool use in the
     harvesting of ungulates (proto-horses, proto-bison, mammoths, proto-deer, etc.) as
     well as other species like the great sloth, cave bear, etc., for several hundred
     thousand years, and we have fossilized spears etc. which are also several hundred
     thousand years old, we know that hunting has been a constant practice of human
     beings throughout their history. We also know that the late homo erectus preyed
     upon the early homo sapiens, as well as many other species, so the evolved
     practices go much farther back than just human history.

I think some of the most striking evidence that humans are suppose to be meat eaters, comes from a comparison of the human digestive system with other species.

One thing we know for sure, is that human beings are not designed to eat grains!