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>Samael writes:
>>Oh, and I'll repeat my objection to Michael Lorreys argument (similar to
>>yours in some respects) - EVERYTHING IS NATURAL. Every human act,
>>everything we do, whether social, individual, liked or disliked, genocidal
>>or political or sexual or whatever is a natural act. There is no dividing
>>line between 'natural' and 'unnatural' except in peoples heads, just
>>some of us believe that we are 'above' nature or 'apart' from nature or
>>'over in the corner, looking at ' nature.
>I absolutely, 100% agree. What makes you think I believe in that bogus
>dichotomy? My postulating evolution as a basis for understanding ethics
>should've been enough to tell you where I stand on that.

Right. So any action I perform is evolutionary. Taking your money is an natural act and therefore right. Programming a computer is a natural act. All acts are natural
, all are part of evolution, all is allowed by your ethics system.

>Seems to me you're the one trying to get above or beyond nature in this
>discussion, by arguing against the evolutionary basis for decent behavior.

Evolution allows _everything_, therefore your ethical system allows _everything_