Re: Property and life
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 09:51:00 -0700

Samael writes:
>I would (should I not be panicking at this point) point out that doing so
>would almost certainly have negative consequences for you, living, as I
>in a country where shootings are incredibly rare (and frequently make
>national news). That if people found out that you shot people that they
>would be less likely to trust you or feel that you were someone they could
>do business with. That they may even feel that their lives would be
>if you were locked up or otherwise removed from running around the place
>shooting people. I'd even point out that the likelyhood was that we could
>do some kind of deal and form a compromise which didn't require my death.

These suggestions, insofar as I might consider them correct, provide excellent support for my thesis that rational conduct has an objective basis. Thank you. :-)

>In other words, I'd tell you that the police would get you, and you didn't
>want to kill me.

Whoopsie, I forgot to tell you - I AM the police. It's a big ring that includes the top officials. Whatcha gonna do now, lad?