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Oops, disregard my earlier posting on this; I sent it before I read this. Well, my guess wasn't too far off at that... Thanks, Mike.


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> >"Haplophobia"? Fear of halves?
> I think the correct spelling is "hoplophobia", but don't know the

Yes, this is the correct spelling. I goofed. Here is an extract from an article
by Jeff Cooper on the origins of the word (I found it on the Canadian Firearms
Site ) here goes:

> I coined the term hoplophobia over twenty years ago, not out of
> pretension but in the sincere belief that we should recognize a very
> peculiar sociological attitude for what it is -- a more or less
> hysterical neurosis rather than a legitimate political position. It
> follows convention in the use of Greek roots in describing specific
> mental afflictions. "Hoplon" is the Greek word for "instrument," but
> refers synonymously to "weapon" since the earliest and principal
> instruments were weapons. Phobos is Greek for "terror" and medically
> denotes unreasoning panic rather than normal fear. Thus hoplophobia is
> a mental disturbance characterized by irrational aversion to weapons, as
> opposed to justified apprehension about those who may wield them.