Re: Important News Story on Animal's Rights

Terry Donaghe (
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 04:42:35 -0800 (PST)

---Harvey Newstrom <> wrote:
> I try to stay out of the conversation when this list starts discussing
> rights to guns or drugs. But, it seems that this thread is too
> You all do realize that this "news" story is a joke, right? Check out
> the top level of this web site to find other such "news" stories.
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> Harvey Newstrom <> <>
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My posting of that article was an attempt to lessen the seriousness of the discussion. I apologize if I was a bit too subtle.

How could anyone take seriously a story that includes 3 million chickens let loose in Yosemite?

Hee hee

Just be warned that TheOnion.Com is one of my favorite sites and when I find one of their stories that relates to a conversation here (which actually happens occasionally) I will post a link to it calling it an important story...

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