Re: Rights (Was: Dyson (Was: Paths to Uploading))

den Otter (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 22:26:06 +0100

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> den Otter raves:
> >That kind of "rights" are just some people's subjective opinion.
> That's *your* subjective opinion.

Nope, that's a *fact*, not just a personal opinion. Prove me wrong, if you can.

> >The only "absolute" or objective right is that of superior force.
> So, Mr. "Macht macht recht"

You joke about it, but actually "might makes right" can be taken quite literally. Rights without might are paper tigers.

, are you in the habit of raping, stealing,
> murdering and maiming whenever you find yourself stronger than your
> neighbors? I suspect not. Why?

Because I'm not *that* stronger, obviously :) No mere mortal can take on the whole of society and win, but a SI can. Who would stop it if it tortured creatures like us in basement universes?