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Anders Sandberg (
13 Jan 1999 22:08:38 +0100

"Max M" <> writes:

> A second example:
> ---
> "Transhuman drinking song" by Max M ;-)
> Here the title is a contradiction in terms as transhumanism and drinking
> parties generally doesn't mix to well. I am thinking about all the focus on
> health, longivity and the functionality of the brain being seriously
> affected by liquor. At least I don't imagine transhumans at the local pub
> singing out loud while massively drunk. Could be wrong though.

Maybe we should ask the participants at TransVision 98 who went to Amsterdam on saturday evening :-)

(my personal view is that I'm too drunk if I can't count backwards from 16 in binary. No, I don't drink :-)

> Perhaps the receiver would even have to know me to know it is not
> meant to be taken too seriously.

This is likely why humor is so tricky; it relies on some shared context. If it isn't shared and has to be made explicit, the joke is not funny.

> The rest of the song is about uploading, and most transhumans will recognise
> this. Especially as the word Transhuman is in the title.

Where is the rest of the lyrics?

> My point? I find that often when somebody disagrees with me on a subject on
> this list, it is because I make my messages too short by using too much
> exformation. When I then later explains my views in more detail and with
> more precise information, generally we either agree or at least agree to
> disagree.

Sounds a bit like the occasional comments from newcomers about Eugene's denser posts - we oldtimers have learned to parse them and realize that there is a meaning in there.

> Furthermore we also need to invent more words to express the new memes
> resulting from this exformation. But then... we probably will. There is
> hardly a post on the list without a "" word. A so called "embryomeme".
> Remember who coined that one. ;-)


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