Re: violence revisited (was extropians and animal rights)

Terry Donaghe (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 12:58:04 -0800 (PST)

---Brian D Williams <> wrote:

> Here in Chicago we are going through a new round of brain dead
> haplophobia. Despite 17 years of handguns being totally illegal
> (except if you're a Chicago politician, can you spot hypocrisy?) we
> were just named murder capitol of the U.S. They can't get it
> through their heads they are approaching this the wrong way.
> The answer? Simple, mandatory jail time (at least a year, I'd
> prefer 5 let's settle on 3) for possession of an illegal handgun.
It would also make sense to make it legal for peaceful citizens to purchase firearms and carry them concealed.

If criminals know that a large portion of the populace is armed, they'll be much less likely to attack members of said populace.

The problem in Chicago (IMHO) is that the government there has made it illegal for peaceful citizens to own guns (what's the logic there), thus making them easy targets for criminals with no interest in law or peace.

The government of Chicago is itself to blame for it's problems with firearms.

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