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Michael S. Lorrey (
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well, we obviously can support our own bioresearch which either develops an organism which kills the fungus, or to develop marijuana plants which are resistant to the fungus. Considering the billions of dollars that the columbian cartels have in bank accounts elsewhere, I would estimate that biotech research will become the largest growth area of the Columbian economy if the US gov't releases this fungus...

No bioweapon is perfect. Tree experts are now releasing specially bred strains of American Elms which are resistant to the Dutch Elm Disease, which is a similar organsim to the one the gov't is proposing.

A fungus resistant form of marijuana would be a useful crop, as you could make foot creme from it to fight athlete's foot, etc.

Mike Lorrey

"Julien, Howard (c)" wrote:

> Short answer: it's run by idiots.
> Lon(ger) answer: As Heinlein pointed out often, there's a deep under
> current of religious hysteria in this country that poses an ongoing
> danger to anyone not ready to run with the mob. Also there's a great
> deal of money and (by now) entrenched power associated with the 'War
> on Drugs' that has a vested interest in preventing any form of
> 'rational' solution.
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