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> There already is something like that, caled, I believe there
> are 800,000 computers signed on, and its basically a small program that
> continuously runs using the cpu you're not using, so its always out of the
> way, and while you're online it trades informtation packets. I believe the

There is a huge difference between the distributed computing which organizations such as and seti@home do and parallel processing, which is what the group in the press release appear to be claiming.
Distributed Computing is useful for solving a limited subset of problems which can be decomposed into small chunks, processed elsewhere, and the results reasembled. It is a 'loosely coupled' system where each machine is distinct from one another.
Parallel processing is a 'tightly coupled' arcitechture, where there is one machine, and many processors. For network parallel processing to be a reality, extremely high network speeds are needed, as the network acts like a system bus in a single computer.

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