Re: Turning the Internet into One Massive Machine
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 20:50:42 EST

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<< A Colorado partnership consisting of three people claims to have
developed a technology to turn the Internet into one massive supercomputer. I'm a bit skeptical of this claim but the PR Newswire deemed it fit enough to publish. It will be interesting to see the technical specs of this concept. If tenable, it will be more interesting to see what, if any, emergent properties develop due to the implementation of such technology.

Doug Bailey >>

There already is something like that, caled, I believe there are 800,000 computers signed on, and its basically a small program that continuously runs using the cpu you're not using, so its always out of the way, and while you're online it trades informtation packets. I believe the purposes consist of cracking codes and things, I'm really not sure what all it does, but I have it. Also in April SETI is coming out with a screen saver that will process their information, the saver has a 3d view of the sound, and the area of sky it is seeing(hearing), and also the actual sound thats being processed. Sounds really cool.