Re: Subjective Morality

James Ganong (
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 12:22:00 -0800 (PST)

James Ganong wrote:
I believe that rape, murder & genocide are wrong, but I cannot point to some Book & demand that sinners repent. At best I can point to economic analyses that show these things to be inefficient, but what are the odds that a rapist/murderer/genocide will be moved by such? I can only work to make a world where they are wrong because *we make it so*, just as we work to make our Transhuman/Extropian
goals real.
Okay, the basic fallacy here is that anybody knows what the Objective Morality is. I ain't got a clue.

--quoth Eliezer.

If no one knows the Objective Morality, howdo you even know it exists? This harks back to discussions on the nature of deity & its
'unknowability', wherein the existence of this unknown/unknowable thing
was taken for granted. I make no such allowance for the existence of "The Objective Morality", if it is
unknown &/or unknowable.

You state that deriving the mass of a particle is just as objective (& hence independently verifiable?) as your choice of behaviors; please post the equations for this moral mathematics.

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