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---Natasha Vita-More <> wrote:
> At 07:17 PM 1/11/99 PST, Eric wrote:
> >I don't know a percise percentage, but I'd say only about half(for
> >of argument) of the cow population's function is for diary
purposes. So
> >that leaves the other half to "deal" with. My second observation is
> >that I agree, It would be nice spare the "post-prime" cows, for
> >nostalgia; etc., but on the other hand, this would be INCREDIBLY
> I think you have a good point. Too many cows would be expensive.
> (Especially for the farmer who has a big headache today with the
expense of
> pigs). So, if 1/2 of the population of cows that are used for dairy
> purposes were also in the fields grazing aesthetically, then they
would be
> pre-post-prime nostalgia, and later, in their retiring years, they
> inevitably be, as you say, post-prime.
> >Well, I hope that was helpful.
> Well, I'm not a farmer by profession nor a cow eater by trade.
While the
> cows may escape my table, not all living creatures do.
> Natasha
Tongue in Cheek: Maybe we could have Cow Land up in Wisconsin (pretty much is already) where you pay $25 and get to drive through the verdant pastures and gawk at the bovines in their natural environment. For another $10 you could have your picture taken standing next to one of the majestic beasts.

That might help pay for it. :)

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