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>Samael writes:
>>I don't have a right to live. I have a very strong 'wish' to live.
>What if I have a very strong wish to terminate your life? Is my wish not as
>valid as yours? Can I rightfully implement my wish? If not, why not?

I have repeatedly stated that I don't believe in objective morals. So in the above statement 'valid' and rightfully' do not make syntactic sense. There is no 'right', 'wrong', 'valid', 'invalid', 'good', 'evil' except within moral systems.

>>I've dimissed morality as a creation with no validity
>So have I, it may surprise you to know. I don't speak of morality, but of

Okay. Please define ethics in some sort of objective way. Show me the logical, non-emotional basis for ethics.


>>and based my actions around aesthetics - ie what I liek and dislike.
>Rather short-sighted, if you ask me. There are lots of things I don't like
>that I nevertheless realize are good for me. Flu shots, for instance.

So, I like Flu shots. Becasuwe I recognise their long term value. Liking something is not necessarily an instaneous thing. You can like the outcome of something.

>I think prudence makes a much firmer grounding for ethical principles than
>does mere pleasure seeking/pain avoidance.
>>And I like living. And I like having access to things.
>Why should anyone else care what you like? Why are you entitled to
>something just because you like it?

i'm not _entitled_ to anything. I have no rights, except as a social construct agreed between two or more people. Rights are an _invention_. You can't point to one, or hold one up or stick a needle into it. It's a theoretical creation of the human minds.

I keep pointing out that I don't believe these things exist and then you ask me where they are.

I feel like I'm stuck with a bad copy of Eliza:

Me: I don't believe in morals

You: That's a rather immoral thing to say.


Sorry, if I'm causing offence, but I'm still waiting for one example for a purely logical basis for morals or ethics that does not depend on what you, I or anyone else thinks or feels.