Re: Rational base for morals

den Otter (
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 23:45:30 +0100

> From: KPJ <>

> It appears as if Samael <> wrote:
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> |Can you tell me how I can, in good faith, follow a moral code when I believe
> |there is no logical reason to do so?
> |Especially when nobody has yet even managed to come up with a logical
> |objection to rape (which pretty much everyone on the planet admits is an
> |abbhorence (sic)).
> I suggest that the meme rules of conduct be commutative.
> Commutativity: If the rule is "X shall not perform act P on Y"
> then also the rule "Y shall not perform act P on X" shall hold.
> Simply put: "A rule apply to all in the same manner."
> If you postulate this basic rule of commutativity
> then you would conclude:
> "If X does not want Y to perfom act P on X
> then X should avoid to perform act P on Y."
> [e.g. to avoid retaliation]
> Simply put: "Do not to others what you do not wish them do to you."

Unless, of course, you happen to be vastly more powerful. Then there is no _rational_ reason to restrict your actions.