Re: Extropians and animal rights

Terry Donaghe (
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 10:42:07 -0800 (PST)

---Ian Goddard <> wrote:

> IAN: Well, I don't believe animals are really so
> irrational, in fact, their thinking is good enough
> to have ensured their survival for millions of years,
> allowing the evolution of the animal called "human."
> If degrees of rationality define rights possession, maybe
> we could beat up on some demented people, or use them in
> experiments... "greater good" and such. Imagine that we
> have an unbroken chain of primates before us, from tree
> monkeys to humans with all the missing links, it's like
> a morph from tree monkey to man with an individual for
> each step of the way. Which individual would you declare
> the right to saw off their leg against their will and why?

I'll try to find the exact Rand quote about humans and rationality and we can argue from her quote instead of my limited memory. ==
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