Re: Subjective Morality

Doug Bailey (
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 13:34:37 -0500

Morality, ethics, and so on appear to be little more than contrivances of a society attempting to codify the evolutionary advantage of altruism. Instinctually, we attempt to maximize the survivability of our genes. Anything that does this is viewed as right. However, it is not as simple as doing things that directly contribute to survivability. Bob may rationalize that robbing a bank would increase survivability. But if such an act goes unpunished, a precedent that stealing is ok emerges and such a society becomes intolerable. Thus, the benefit the society receives from a society where stealing is intolerable outweighs the benefit the society receives from an increase to Bob's wealth. Benefit being how such an act increases survivability of the group. Society is the final arbiter in determining whether something promotes the overall survivability of the group.

Doug Bailey