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> >Are there any other "rights?" If I can own an animal, then I can
> >treat it as I wish. If you (or government or whatever) decides
that I
> >can only treat my property (an animal in this case) in certain ways,
> >then I don't truly OWN it. I'm just borrowing it from the government
> >which is nice enough to let me use it for certain pre-approved
> >functions...
> So you would be allowed to torture cows if you owned them?
> (Not that I'm saying that _you_ would want to, but in principle).

> Samael
Sure, why not? If we OWN property then we can do anything with it that we wish. Either the cow is my property and I can do as I wish, or you (government, mob rule, whatever) give me a list of what I can and can't do with the cow - then it's no longer my property.

How many sane people will torture animals anyway? Why would I wish to harm my own property which I have earned (worked, sweated, etc. for)? I would guess that the only practical reasons for owning a cow is either milk or meat production or both. In both cases, tortured cows probably produce poorer products. So, in the long run, those who torture their cows will lose. Therefore, individuals can torture their cows, but in the long run, they'll either lose for it or gain nothing.


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