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Subject: Property and life

>Samael makes a puzzling comment:
>>I just believe there are greater goods than property protection
>>(life protection, for instance).
>Are you saying that your life is not your property?

I don't think of my life as an object. It's a feature of mine a 'property' in the same way as 'dark hair' is. It's just a feature I've grown very fond of.

>You can't divorce your life from the resources that make your life
>possible. It's nonsense to write as if property weren't part and parcel of
>your existence.

There are things I use during my existence and things I 'own'. My life is of a different quality of any of them and could continue (at least temporarily) without any of them.

>Since property includes life itself, there can be no higher good than
>protection of property.

Since carbon compunds include life itself, there van be no higher good than the protection of carbon compunds.

I don't think you're stringing together a coherent argument here.