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>> Especially when nobody has yet even managed to come up with a logical
>> objection to rape (which pretty much everyone on the planet admits
>is an
>> abbhorence (sic)).
>Ummmm... We each have a right to our own bodies and I believe that
>rape is a violation of that right.

Okay, we've taken it back a step: Rape is wrong because it's a violation of our bodies.

Now, why is violation of our bodies wrong?

(who can keep saying "why?" until people realise that there isn't a moral that one can't say "why?" about and therefore isn't a logical foundation to morals, the only foundation we have is emotional)

Oh, and before you accus me of being a nasty man, I don't want my body violated either, thank you very much and don't intend to violate yours (except in certain limited circumstances). Just because I don't see a logical reason to avoid something, doesn't mean that there isn't an emotional one.