Re: Dyson (Was: Paths to Uploading)

Mon, 11 Jan 1999 08:03:53 +0100

It appears as if Terry Donaghe <> wrote:
|Aha! Caught ya! All right and wrong are subjective... What a
|ludicrous statement. Either rape is right or it is wrong. Either it
|is ok to strangle babies or it's not. Your argument of the
|subjectiveness of morality is the biggest sham of irrational
|collectivist/socialist/looters in history.

"Either X is wrong or X is right." for some X, then.

Consider all the wars between groups considering that X is either right or X is wrong (unfortunately they could not agree on whether it was right or wrong so they fought a war over it).

So you might wish to inform us on the question of which end you should eat the egg (the war in Gulliver's travel to Lilliput was about this question). Since either one was right and the other wrong, please feel free to declare one of objective right.