Re: IDs and privacy

Eugene Leitl (
Sat, 9 Jan 1999 15:10:50 +0100

Samael writes:

> Even 8 year olds? 10 year olds? 4 year olds? 15 year olds? When does a

This should be the problem of their parents, solely. There should be no legal compulsion on the part of the shopkeeper. Most people are sensible enough not to sell strong spirits to, say, 12-year olds.

> person know enough to relaise what effect they are having? People don't

Most adult people engage in activities without realizing the full impacts they are having. Shall we ask the state to start baby-sitting them, too?

We should strive to curb the amount of petty legislation, not fuel it with cries for protection.

> understand short term consequences when they are very young (very young
> being an age between 7 and 70 depending on the person in question).