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>Since it has become obvious that the electoral system in this country is
>useless ...that voting does nothing other than validate the system to be
>further exploited by the and
>bureaucrats.....then there ought to be some other course of action.
>Obviously there is armed rebellion. The "shoot all the lawyers" scenario.
>While that would be very satisfying it would be extremely messy and
>counterproductive in the long run. (Read the breif explanation of the fall
>the Roman Empire in "The Lucifer Principal")
>So my suspicion is that the only other alternative is ridicule and scorn.
>That is to make those sucking at the government tit feel extremely
>uncomfortable and ashamed of their profession such that they abandon it.

I tend to agree - armed rebellion tends to just produce new leaders out of the rebels (I can't think of any situation where someone has destroyed a government and then instantly rteplaced it with themselves).

Telling people you don't understand the concept of government sounds like a better response:

"So, you mean to tell me that just because you wear that uniform, you get to tell me what I can do in the privacy of my own home? Are you sure?"

"So I'm allowed to ingest some chemicals, but not others??? Doesn't sound terribly likely."

"So these people just take 40% of my money whether I liek it or not? I don't remember signing anything that said _that_ in it!"

And so forth. Don't rebel against the government, just deny it exists. If you just treat each member of the government as a separate person who is trying to do things to you (it's their free will to go along with it or not after all), you may even get your point across. You could even point out that "I was just following orders" didn't work at Nuremberg, so you don't see why it should work now.


(BTW - I personally like some form of government, but i can (just) understand that some other people don't.)