Re: Major Technologies

Michael S. Lorrey (
Sat, 09 Jan 1999 14:35:42 -0500

Spike Jones wrote:

> > - spike wrote
> > >if successful, this revenous simpleton would be dangerous as
> > >hell but incapable of crossing interstellar space. spike
> >
> > Samael wrote: Except that microscopic particles have travlled from Earth to
> > Mars and visa versa. Dust is freuently thrown out of earths gravity well by
> > meteor strieks
> > (frequently on a geological time scale).
> of course, interstellar space is about 5 orders of magintude larger than
> interplanetary space. i need to do the calcs, but intuition tells me
> a meteor could not punch material out of the sun's gravity well, and even
> if so, the simple relicator would not survive the jillions of years of
> wandering thru i.s. space. guess that would explain why we have
> never had one fall on this planet.

Actually, its a matter of proportions, obviously. A 10 ton meteor impacting a 1 ton meteor will obviously impart such energy that peices of the second meteor which are repelled along the path of the first meteor will have more than 3 times the velocity of the first meteor.... which should be in excess of the sun's escape velocity....

> a grey-gooed double star might be able to goo its neighbor perhaps. spike

If you assume that the goo is actually a goo, rather than a more solid structure, then impacts will obviously be absorbed with far less ejecta than a similar strick on a solid structure like a ferrous or cabonacious(sp?) chrondrite meteor.

Mike Lorrey