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Thu, 07 Jan 1999 18:19:52 -0500 wrote:

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> > But you never know with black project people.


> When the public was being fed the tripe that the Stealth Fighter
> was
> > called the 'Wobblin Goblin', and Tom Clancy called it the 'Frisbee' in Red
> > Storm
> > Rising, its actual name was the Nighthawk.
> Yeah -- I used to have a theory that Tom Clancy was actually a Naval
> Intelligence "construct": It was just too improbable that some insurance
> salesman from Kansas who'd never steered a boat in his life or written a word
> of fiction could come out of nowhere with "The Hunt for Red October". So I
> figured he'd been "given" the novel by Naval Intell because it was full of
> convincing disinformation, especially about SOSUS. Then, along came "Red
> Strom Rising" and his detailed description of the "F-19 Frisbee" that turned
> out to be like what we THOUGHT the stealth program was creating, but was in
> fact all wrong (it actually sounds like what the F-22 will eventually be).

I good freind of mine was a sonar tech in the Navy, and when THFRO came out, he had a copy down in the black room with his buddies, saying,"Is that classified? No? OK, well, how bout that? No... no anymore. Oh ok..., etc etc".

> So now, we have "Spike", a propulion engineer from Lockheed, who tells us just
> enough about aerospikes to be convincing . . . .
> . . . (really) just kidding . . .

Yeah, Spike, if thats your REAL code name...

Mike Lorrey