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Thu, 7 Jan 1999 14:50:11 EST

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> But you never know with black project people. I remember that the stealth
> fighter program was publicly called the F-19 program by people who claimed
> to be
> in the know, and this was the program the soviets tried so hard to find
> about, when the real program was the F-117 program which supposedly was
> a
> research project using mothballed century series jets as remotely piloted
> drones. When the public was being fed the tripe that the Stealth Fighter
> called the 'Wobblin Goblin', and Tom Clancy called it the 'Frisbee' in Red
> Storm
> Rising, its actual name was the Nighthawk.

Yeah -- I used to have a theory that Tom Clancy was actually a Naval Intelligence "construct": It was just too improbable that some insurance salesman from Kansas who'd never steered a boat in his life or written a word of fiction could come out of nowhere with "The Hunt for Red October". So I figured he'd been "given" the novel by Naval Intell because it was full of convincing disinformation, especially about SOSUS. Then, along came "Red Strom Rising" and his detailed description of the "F-19 Frisbee" that turned out to be like what we THOUGHT the stealth program was creating, but was in fact all wrong (it actually sounds like what the F-22 will eventually be).

So now, we have "Spike", a propulion engineer from Lockheed, who tells us just enough about aerospikes to be convincing . . . .

. . . (really) just kidding . . .

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