Re: Time to talk

Anders Sandberg (
07 Jan 1999 19:46:10 +0100 writes:

> Have you ever thought that this kind of ideas being exchanged here
> might be read in the future as Plato's Dialogues?

The question is, do we want some Aristotele to edit them? My guess is that there were quite a bit of stupid flames and ill-considered messages at Academeion too :-)

Seriously, future historians might have real fun reading old mailing list archives if they can find them, they provide a way to really see almost all the discourse in certain groups. Let's just make sure they will really want to read us not just as a curios fringe movement, but as the seed of the Second Renaissance or something like that.

> Well, the original reason for this message was just to say hello and
> keep this warm in a human sense.

Thanks! Hello to you too.

> Regards from Mexico City,

Regards from an ice-slushy Stockholm

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