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Thu, 7 Jan 1999 14:39:00 -0000

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>Samael wrote:
>> But Grey Goo doesn't mind if it kills it's host. It doesn't
>> even mind if it
>> eats other grey goo. If you have an expanding sphere of grey goo, the
>> inside goo can feed on itself while the outside goo eats
>> other things..
>I could maybe believe in refueling by digesting organic life. Eating other
>nanomachines, however, is going to consume energy. If the goo wastes
>fighting itself, its going to be at a sever disadvantage against anything
>with IFF capability.


Oh, and it doesn't matter if they are wasting energy attacking each other, as only ones surrounded by other grey goo would be spending more energy dissassembling each other, the ones on the edge would be happily digesting more non-grey-goo. It doesn't matter if the ones in the middle 'die' as they aren't within attacking range anyway.