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>> [Spike]
>> it is almost too sad to contemplate, but the grey goo scenario explains
>> as well as anything i have ever heard the baffling observation that the
>> are not buzzing with communications. the theory would be that whenever
>> any civilization discovers radio communication, that nuclear holocaust or
>> nanotech grey goo always result within 100 to 1000 years. {8-[
>But if that's true, wouldn't all that gray goo--indestructable and
>ravenous by definition--have long ago spread from its origins to
>devour most of our observable universe into clouds of elements and

Only if it's travelling at very high velocity. And grey goo does not have to be entirely invulnerable. It would not, for instance, be able to survive lava (can anything?).

Oh, and most of the universe is in big gas clouds/dark matter. Maybe it's been goo-ed.