Re: Big Bang demiurges (was: Re: El Aleph)

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Wed, 06 Jan 1999 12:45:19 -0600

Samael wrote:
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> >
> >That's possibility number 3. Supposing that our intelligence is the
> >max, it's still sufficient for us to reproduce and reproduce and
> >reproduce and fill up the entire Milky Way with Orbitals and then go on
> >to other galaxies as fast as lightspeed will let us, in a million-year
> >blink of the eye. But we see no sign that other races have done this.
> Would they necessarily bother?
> Might they not instead decide to concentrate their energies on making their
> home planet more habitable and increasing their local quality of life rather
> than heading out into the rest of the galaxy?

I wouldn't.
Do you expect me to believe that every single member of twenty billion intelligent races would?

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