Re: Big Bang demiurges (was: Re: El Aleph)

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Subject: Re: Big Bang demiurges (was: Re: El Aleph)

>Billy Brown wrote:
>> Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote:
>> > 3) The mortal civilization obeys the Prime Directive and the Powers
>> > aren't home..
>> Let's not forget the obvious, 'boring' possibility: There has never been
>> technological singularity, and everything is just as it appears. After
>> the fact that we are here is pretty good evidence that there were no Big
>> Bang people.
>That's possibility number 3. Supposing that our intelligence is the
>max, it's still sufficient for us to reproduce and reproduce and
>reproduce and fill up the entire Milky Way with Orbitals and then go on
>to other galaxies as fast as lightspeed will let us, in a million-year
>blink of the eye. But we see no sign that other races have done this.

Would they necessarily bother?

Might they not instead decide to concentrate their energies on making their home planet more habitable and increasing their local quality of life rather than heading out into the rest of the galaxy?