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Wed, 06 Jan 1999 00:06:37 PST

Ok, I just read the subject, pardon me for jumping in without doing reasearch on what has been said, but this seems like a good opportunity to let you all know I'll always be available, unless one of my many future lovers will be good enough to make me forget the rest of the population.

Name: Thomas Scott Painter
Present Physical Stats: ...but what will it matter in 1000 years? Blood Type: O
Age: 21 (Don't be ageist, I'll surprise you) Height: 5'6"
Weight: 132+ lbs of muscle
Build: Medium
Eyes: Blue-grey
Hair: Strait, silky, dark blonde, and shoulder length

Dislikes: Power failures, frostbite, heat stroke, computer virii, millenium bugs, animal attacks, assassinations, car accidents, riots, mass immigrations, famines, heart attacks, stroke, cancers, AIDS, pollutants, plagues, droughts, tornadoes, fires, lightning strikes, landslides, lahars, floods, dam failures, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, pyroclastic clouds, volcanoes, nuclear holocausts, meteors, world wars, cometary collisions, anti-matter bombs, nanotechnological run-aways, interplanetary collisions, solar expansions, supernovas, intergalactic collisions, black holes, big bangs and crunches...

Self Description: Perfectionist, idealist, hedonist, eclectic, universal immortalist, transhumanist, extropian, life extensionist, longevist, bodybuilder automorph, metamorphosist, survivalist, dietition, nutritionist, cryonicist, researcher, scholar, genius, rationalist mastermind, futurist, futurologist, space colonization enthusiest,

astronomer, astrologer, Aries/Pisces, dreamer, meditator, Taoist, 
Buddhist, Yogin, Christian, Kabalist, Pagan, Ancestor Worshipper, 
Sovereign, former boy scout, indian guide, goth, vamp, mage, god, Green 
Party member, environmentalist, neo-primitivist, naturalist, naturist, gymnast, athlete, martial artist, dancer, club kid, cyberpunk, phreak, freak, artist, thespian, musician, self-improvement fanatic, adventurer, pacifist, optimist, romantic, switch, polyamourist, cyclically calorie-restricted and ketogenic Evolutionary-Fitness and Anabolic Burst Cycle of Diet and Exercise system enthusiest, male, androgyne, nordic/atlanto-mediterranian, and

Goals: finding assistance with building secret, underground, high elevation, disaster resistant farms, highly reusable intergalactic space vehicles, and laboratories for transbiological metamorphosis into nanotechnological, molecular manufacturing, rapid prototyping, universal assembling, supergalactic, mind uploaded, and artificially intelligent utility fogs. ...interested? You should be.

Don't make too much of anything, I love to change, that is of couse unless you make too much of something you really like; then feel free to embellish all you want.

It takes a while to get my e-mail, so be patient if you expect a reply.

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