Re: #1 On my list of pet peeves for 1999!

Michael S. Lorrey (
Tue, 05 Jan 1999 18:14:13 -0500

Anders Sandberg wrote:

> "DouglasWhitworth" <> writes:
> > >Scott Badger wrote:
> > > The islamic calendar
> > >is still used as the official calendar by some muslim states
> > Are they all Y2K compliant then :-)
> Hmm, the Y2K bug is clearly the self-inflicted punishment for not
> listening to the word of Allah and not dating the calendar according
> to the Hidrja (sp?). When the corrupt West falls for this reason, the
> faithful will rule the world.
> (If I'm right I owe Allah an excuse :-)

If I'm not mistaken, strict Islamic Law dictates a rather severe punishment for someone who screws up the timing of the call to prayers from the minaret, eh? How many automated minarets are gonna fail on January 1st cause they are run by satanic running dog Yankee computers..... I see a holy war coming...

As for our own Y2K, its obvious that the sinful managers who decided against four digit year programming years ago in order to meet their performance windows to get their stock options are being punished for their pride and arrogance, while the pious programmers who originally warned of this but were scorned and ignored are reaping the rewards..... $150.00+ an hour anyone? I think Scott Adams had it right that Hell and the Accounting department are pretty much synonymous.....from whence Satan sends his demons, devils, and imps to tempt the stupid and despoil the righteous from acheiving capitalistic nirvana on earth....

Hey, I'm pretty good at this fire and brimstone stuff....

Mike Lorrey