Re: #1 On my list of pet peeves for 1999!

Mike Linksvayer (
Tue, 05 Jan 1999 10:02:29 -0800

Scott Badger wrote:
> Could somone please explain to me how it is that the christians decided to
> base the calendar around the birth of christ and then the whole world and
> all the other religions ended up saying, "OK, that sounds good to us. . .
> we'll just go by your arbitrary decision." What a persuasive group the
> christians must have been! Does anyone know when the use of the current
> calendar went into effect?

Christian nuts more or less conquered most of the other religious nuts over the last ~500 (christian) years. The islamic calendar is still used as the official calendar by some muslim states, and at least the islamic and chinese calendars are widely used for unofficial purposes throughout the world. I recall reading that before a calendar reform was instituted in India shortly after independence there were a few dozen calendars being used there.

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