magnetic stimulation and pain

Doug Skrecky (
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 00:10:26 -0800 (PST)

Pujol J. Pascual-Leone A. Dolz C. Delgado E. Dolz JL. Aldoma J. Institution
Magnetic Resonance Center of Pedralbes, Monestir, Barcelona, Spain.
The effect of repetitive
magnetic stimulation on localized musculoskeletal pain. Source
Neuroreport. 9(8):1745-8, 1998 Jun 1. Abstract
Current magnetic coil stimulators can efficiently activate neural structures without deep electrode placement and the local discomfort associated with transcutaneous electrical stimulation used in pain control. We tested the possibility of reducing pain in patients with localized musculoskeletal processes by applying repetitive magnetic stimulation on
the tender body region. Thirty patients were randomized to receive 40 min of real or sham magnetic stimulation. After a single session, real magnetic stimulation significantly exceeded the sham effect: a 101-point pain score decreased by 59% in the treated group and 14% in sham-treated patients (z = -3.26, p = 0.001). The pain relief attained regularly persisted for several days. Results indicate that powerful magnetic coil stimulation can efficiently reduce pain originating from localized musculoskeletal injuries.