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Eliezer S. Yudkowsky <> Wrote:

>the farther back you go towards the beginning, the closer things are and the
>less time it takes to communicate. If between time t and u light can bounce
>back and forth once between two particles, it can also bounce once between
> t/2 and u/2, or t/1000 and u/1000. That's in a flat universe; in an open or closed
> universe, it can bounce >back and forth a thousand times between t/1000 and u/1000.

The problem is that two particles can't communicate with each other when they're arbitrarily close together. The smaller the wavelength of light the greater the energy it has and thus it's mass, remember E =MC^2 so M= E/c^2. Thus at some point the wavelength is so small and the mass is so great that gravitational effects become important and a mini Black Hole is formed with a singularity at its center. Today's physics can't say anything about things smaller than the Plank Length of 10^-33 cm, or anything about time shorter than the time light takes to travel that distance, the Plank Time of 5.4 * 10^-44 sec. On the other hand modern physics can't say anything about what's going on inside the singularity either so perhaps there is some small hope for infinite computation there.

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