Re: #1 On my list of pet peeves for 1999!

Scott Badger (
Mon, 4 Jan 1999 23:56:34 -0600

>At 09:02 PM 1/4/99 -0800, Spike wrote:
>>an old problem: the century naming convention. the 17th century is the
>>16 hundreds. thats made me crazy since forever
>I'm planning to renumber the years, after my coup, from the agricultural
>revolution (call it 8000 BC), to get rid of all those poor people living
>backwards: e.g. Plato/Platon, b. 428, d. 348.
>Damien Broderick

Could somone please explain to me how it is that the christians decided to base the calendar around the birth of christ and then the whole world and all the other religions ended up saying, "OK, that sounds good to us. . . we'll just go by your arbitrary decision." What a persuasive group the christians must have been! Does anyone know when the use of the current calendar went into effect?