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> > First of all I want to apologize for the tone of my last post. I had no
> > reason to attack you personally. I'm sure you're sincere in believing that
> > the job you do is valuable. I'm just so f***in' tired of being jerked
> > around by "the system" that I tend to lash out at anyone I see as
> > representing it. Unfortunately, the fact is that your position _is_
> > supported by funds that are, from my point of view, simply extorted from me
> > and others who have other uses for our own money. Hope you understand my
> > discontent with that situation.
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> In a similar vein. I've been pondering a course of action...a strategy if you
> will.
> Since it has become obvious that the electoral system in this country is
> useless ...that voting does nothing other than validate the system to be
> further exploited by the and
> bureaucrats.....then there ought to be some other course of action.
> Obviously there is armed rebellion. The "shoot all the lawyers" scenario.
> While that would be very satisfying it would be extremely messy and
> counterproductive in the long run. (Read the breif explanation of the fall of
> the Roman Empire in "The Lucifer Principal")

On the other hand, exsanguinating the cancerous tumor from the society can be very cathartic.....

> So my suspicion is that the only other alternative is ridicule and scorn.
> That is to make those sucking at the government tit feel extremely
> uncomfortable and ashamed of their profession such that they abandon it.

It seems like the best way to expose such graft is to have really severe rules on ethical government, such that nobody would want to work in government because they do not want to expose their private lives to such scrutiny as we have been seeing the past few years. However, as we also see, those that stay and thrive in such a system are so goddam sanctimonious that they think such practices are good for everybody, and should be applied to private industry as well. I don't think that this is at all productive, is merely a road to tyranny. Its a good example of the road to hell being paved with good intentions.

Frankly I don't care how many gifts or favors are going around, so long as we the consumers of government, get optimal value in goods and services rendered for price paid. For this reason, I think that all government agencies should be required to open their books for auditing by independent organizations like Consumer Reports, etc. so we can see if such agencies are cost effective or not. Non-cost effective agencies should be disbanded and the markets for the agencies products should be opened to competition. Congress should not be able to keep dinosaurs operating in perpetuity...

Mike Lorrey