RE: Paths to Uploading

Billy Brown (
Mon, 4 Jan 1999 09:33:39 -0600

Bryan Moss wrote:
> Perhaps a complete model of the brain in fine-grained detail will be used
> simply to reassure potential uploads that no 'essence' will be lost in the
> translation.

Computers capable of running that fine-grained model won't exist until long, long after uploading a higher-level model becomes feasible. A few paranoid types might wait, but their experience would hardly be typical.

> Since the majority of scenarios are used to explore the
> philosophical ramifications (although a few members of this list (names
> withheld to protect the not so innocent) may be considering uploading
> neighbourhood pets in their dank underground secret laboratories) realism
> probably not the most important factor..

If all you care about is the identity question and other philosophical issues, then yes. However, the moment you get into practical considerations (what will it be like, what will we be able to do, etc), good projections become critical. It is very easy to project only one technology while ignoring everything else, but if you fall into this trap you end up with a scenario that could never happen.

Billy Brown, MCSE+I