Re: Extropy Dating Service - A Response

Jason Spencer (
Sun, 3 Jan 1999 18:37:04 -0700

>>Why don't we adopt the same format as the Transhuman Contact list at:
>>I would recommend reverse-engineering (or modeling sounds better) this web
>The front end is not the most important issue, the matching mechanism and
>weighting is, eh? First we should know what we want the thing to do, then
>figure how best to present it. Also this thing only generates server errors
>for me. Also, Sasha, it is true these threads are started every three
>months or so by single het men, but women ALWAYS chime in, isn't that so?

I'm not sure that it would be necessary to code up an intricate matching algorithm. I doubt there would be enough responses to warrant one. The most important issue is coming up with useful questions/sections, efficient display and retrieval. There aren't going to be such a flood of responses that the whole archive could not be easily browsed I'd imagine.

Of course there is a certain novelty to computer matching, but little utility.