Universal matching service

Alexander 'Sasha' Chislenko (sasha1@netcom.com)
Sat, 02 Jan 1999 23:41:29 -0500

At 21:57 12/31/98 , Brian Atkins wrote:
>Interesting, I've been looking for an excuse to learn more
>about XML, and it does sound like a good plan. Do you have
>a preferred method for handling the working group? Separate
>mailing list?

I have just started a similar discussion group for the Usenet filtering project - see "newsfilter" list on www.onelist.com

The idea was to create a set of open standards for storage and transmission of semantic encodings for certain services, and the first implementation of major architectural components. This should create an infrastructure that should allow further rapid development and value-added third party services. Consider HTML-HTTP-Browser-Spider-Search engine combo for the Web. After you have the first version of all, further development of individual services and add-ons becomes possible. So far, all semantic analysis has been done by humans. Now, build another level of standards for representing (XML/MCF/...), processing, and targeting documents based on their semantic encoding, and you have something new - in fact, you will have an environment that should hopefully make development of symbolic AI as profitable an occupation for third-party services as text retrieval became with the invention of simple document-storage systems.

I suggested some ideas and perspective technologies in this direction in

If anybody is interested in working on such a system, we should definitely start a project mailing list. Please email me personally, and we can discuss this further.

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