Re: question about the singularity

Michael S. Lorrey (
Sat, 02 Jan 1999 16:17:14 -0500

Peter Ganick wrote:

> hello extropians...i have been on the list before and now
> happily rejoined to the stimulating discussion here, and
> have a question that i was curious about about extropian-
> ism...
> does the singularity involve uploading people's emotional
> and spiritual lives? as these seem to me to be as important
> to the human organism as its mind...or is everything con-
> ceived as neurological, and therefore an extension of the
> western psychological paradigm of freud?...this question is
> asked for information only...not meant confrontationally to
> the list...

Most of us here categorically reject the idea that anything we do as human beings has any root in anything outside the realm of the physical universe. We embrace the classical liberal idea that science is the single best tool capable of studying, testing, and explaining any phenomenon that exists in this universe or within our minds. We also rely on the scientific method as a means of differentiating between real phenomena of the greater universe, and phenomena which are merely the creation of our mind's inner perceptions.

Because of this, we feel that any uploading of human minds will reproduce the qualities of the human mind that are popularly known as 'intuitional' and 'spiritual', but at present are not completely explained by the scientific method, in the constructs which we upload minds to.

Mike Lorrey