Re: El Aleph

Anders Sandberg (
01 Jan 1999 20:08:32 +0100

"Eliezer S. Yudkowsky" <> writes:

> I should also note that "Alpha" now has a slightly different
> contrast-to-Omega meaning. If there's infinite computing power at the
> end of the Universe, there's equally infinite computing power at the Big
> Bang - the Alpha Point. One would expect that if an infinite amount of
> information-processing is going on, some Power-like beings would evolve
> by pure chance.
> What happened to them is a very interesting question. Probably they
> tunneled to new Big Bangs when it started getting cold.

A nice line of thought (pun intended :-).

Related to the "Fast evolution machine" (I think the section was called) mentioned in Damien's _The Spike_.

> On the other hand, for various complex reasons involving the Anthropic
> Principle, the Great Filter, Occam's Razor, Hofstadterian renormalized
> game theory, time travel, and SI motivations, I no longer think this is
> the correct picture of the Universe.


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