Re: Time for a jump in quality?

Dan Clemmensen (
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 21:44:19 -0500

Eugene Leitl wrote:

> I have long wanted to create a thread with a Subject: like monkey,
> turbocharged, or, augmented ape (the latter shamelessly plagiarized,
> of course). Whadya think?
> I have a number of ideas how one could start a DIY wearable project, which
> would be 1) doable 2) affordable 3) really make a difference to an unaugmented
> mehum, protection gadgetry inclusive. Hopefully this topic will prove
> itself more accessable the bootstrapping lunatics.
> Shall we hold the discussion here, or on transhumantech@ ?

Here, I think. It's likely to go non-tech.

Aren't there a bunch of guys already doing this as part of the
wearables gang?