Re: Nicotine( Re: Time for a jump in quality?)

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Tue, 31 Mar 1998 12:04:52 -0800

> From: Arjen Kamphuis <>
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> Subject: Nicotine( Re: Time for a jump in quality?)
> Date: Tuesday, March 31, 1998 7:48 AM
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> >Arjen Kamphuis wrote:
> >>- Nicotine greatly increases the chance of vascular disease but
> >> significantly lowers the probability of contracting braindiseases
> >> like Alzheimer or Parkinson (take your pick).
> >
> >does nicotine in and of itself increase the chance of vascular
> >desease, or only when smoked in the form of tobacco? if the latter then
> >chewing tobacco gives you the best of both worlds (and lip cancer,
> >but that's beside the point).
> To the best of my knowledge nicotine catalyzes the buildup of fat inside
> vains and arteries thereby increasing the chance of cardiac-arrest and
> strokes.
> The tar just gives you lungcancer (doctors in the hous, please correct me
> if I'm wrong ;-).

Another downside:
Nicotine (smoked or not) strips the cilia off one's trachea, which are
basically little hairs that act as a filter for pathogen's in the air.
Without these cilia, a smoker is more prone to lung problems, especially