Re: Year 2k

Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin (
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 22:13:14 +0000

> From: Harvey Newstrom <>

> Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin wrote:
> > They filled out the same paperwork that they always fill out. The
> > only delay was looking up account info in the most recent
> > printed lists (which that bank get twice a week) for withdrawals.
> Your bank always fills out paperwork everytime you take out money?

They did until recently.

> Your account info only gets updated twice a week?

It has long been updated many times per day (as needed) on the

> Via paper printouts?

They only bothered to reprint the lists twice a week.

> Maybe your bank won't be affected by any computer problems...

They won't, at least not directly. It's a small local bank (a credit
union, actually) and I've talked to their technology guys. Being so
small (only three branches, and one of them is only open part time),
it wasn't a big deal to replace their computer system.

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