Re: re: extropians digest #430

brian keavey (
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 16:56:15 PST

How astonishingly perceptive. Unfortuately, "phat dick" isn't my
usual preference in this department(subject to variation on the rare
occasions when I've pounded down 6-8 Black&Tans in quick succession) &
I have good reason for believing that I don't fall into
the emotive/semantic category of "assholes" anyway. Next time you
attempt one of these astonishing excercises in logical rebuttal, will
you please make some effort to convey just what it is you're critiquing
& what your argumants are? You might even attempt to write a whole
letter without *once* using a word you can't say on network TV in prime
time. (This isn't always feasible, but it often is, and it can do
wonders to open the minds of the people on the receiving end...)

Extropy Forever!

Brian Keavey

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